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Introducing: Miranda Purves, Flare magazine’s new editor-in-chief

It was a bit of a shock to see Flare’s Lisa Tant move to the role of publisher of Hello! Canada—we assumed she’d get a slap on the wrist for leaking embargoed information, not a promotion. Now Miranda Purves, a former fashion editor at Elle, has stepped in, and many are wondering who she is. Turns out Purves is more of a name than we thought, having made waves in 2008 for an article she wrote for Elle’s “Make Better” issue. For the story, Purves asked a GQ editor and a host of male “consultants” for help on how to feel sexy, because she’s all too aware of what she refers to as her “figure flaws”: cellulite, short legs, big feet, too-long hips and breasts too far apart. She finishes the piece by summing up what she learned: “I believe a little bit more that you can fake sexiness, but I also think that if it doesn’t come naturally, you shouldn’t bother.” So, if you don’t view yourself as traditionally sexy, no one ever will, and you should give up? This message and more coming soon to a newsstand near you.