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Good Stuff Cheap: Toronto’s five best vintage stores (no rummaging required)

For Luxury Labels
Venture a few blocks north of York­ville to Haute Classics for immaculate second-hand pieces sourced from very tony closets. Chanel, Chloé, Dior and Christian Louboutin (patent sapphire pumps for $270 instead of $700-plus) are priced in the hundreds, rather than the thousands.
946 Yonge St., 416-922-7900.

For Menswear
Parkdale’s House of Vintage has outstanding men’s garb—a rarity on the old-is-new circuit. Dudes can put together a Michael Caine Alfie look with ankle boots ($60) and a Pierre Cardin blazer ($50).
1239 Queen St. W., 416-535-2142.

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Fist pump! Toronto gets its own version of Jersey Shore

The search is on for Toronto's version of this (Image: MTV)

Break out the bronzer, put on the Ed Hardy cap and practise those duck lips in the bathroom mirror, because Toronto is getting its own version of MTV’s runaway hit, the National Geographic–worthy documentary Jersey Shore. Or so we think. According to a casting call on Craigslist, the show will be called Tdot, and it’s currently looking for “outspoken, outstanding, over the top, attractive females and males of Iranian ethnicity over the age of 19,” or as the ad simply states, Persian princes and princesses.

So much for diversity. We assume the casting agents are looking for 905ers who hang around the club district and zoom around in souped-up Honda Civics blasting techno music. The guys wear sunglasses at night and white Aldo loafers with square toes, while the women wear mini–jersey dresses and walk awkwardly in heels when it’s snowing. But for the record, we’ve seen people of every racial background partake in these fashion crimes, which is what makes Toronto so great.

• Tdot casting call [Craigslist]

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Downtown Yonge BIA’s domination plans continue apace

(Image: Carsten Keßler)

The Downtown Yonge Business Improvement Area, the group that helped boost the not-quite-NYC-no-matter-how-hard-it-tries Yonge-Dundas Square, is looking to expand its territory as far south as Adelaide and as far north as Charles. The proposal is opposed by some local business owners who would prefer not to face the annual fee of 14.5 cents per square foot and who are worried that expansion would spell corporate gentrification for the area. “If we get too big and too slick, we turn into a Gap,” John Anderson, the long-time owner of Morningstar at Yonge and Isabella, told the National Post. “We turn into Queen Street between Beverley and Spadina, where there isn’t a Canadian operation on the street.”

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