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Canada’s Best Beauty Talent, episode 9: how to sell hairspray in 12 minutes, 53 seconds

Canada’s Best Beauty Talent, Episode 9

For the last challenge before the finale, the four remaining contestants—Marcia, Matt, Caylee and Jenna—are tasked with making a red carpet–worthy look. Coco Rocha looks like she’s checked out (seriously, could she sound more bored?), but the hair and makeup artists are eager and ready to go from the moment Rocha says “Ready, set, style!” for the last time. Since both makeup contestants go for a fairly clean look, tomorrow’s elimination may come down to the hair: Caylee opts for an updo, while Matt keeps it loose and lush. Past judges Eric Delmonaco and Eddie Malter return and pace the prep area, making suggestions about specific products the contestants should use. What’s with the hand holding? These people are the finalists. Tim Gunn would never cut a pattern for anyone on Project Runway.

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