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Flare editor-in-chief Lisa Tant leaks embargoed details about Lady Gaga’s new fragrance

Fame, Lady Gaga’s fragrance (Image: Lisa Tant via Twitter)

The details of Lady Gaga’s new perfume were supposed to be kept secret, but Flare’s Lisa Tant had her Twitter fingers at the ready to reveal not only embargoed information, but also a picture of the singer’s fragrance, named Fame. Early rumours suggested that the perfume would be named Monster and that it would smell like blood and semen (gross), but Gaga was quoted as saying it actually “smells like an expensive hooker.” Tant’s reports from the perfume preview have since been removed, and all links from the Daily Mail, Elle and more have been ripped from the Internet, leaving an error message in the story’s place. Looks like Flare’s got some ’splainin’ to do.

UPDATE: Lady Gaga has responded to Lisa Tant on Twitter, threatening to crinkle her hands at the Flare editor (whatever that means).