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Canada’s Best Beauty Talent, episode 8: the great side pony slip-up of 2012

Canada’s Best Beauty Talent, Episode 8

The judges are at odds in this results episode of Canada’s Best Beauty Talent, which is kind of exciting. Coco Rocha loves Matt and Jenna’s wet hair and cat eye makeup, but “the mean one,” Flare editor-in-chief Lisa Tant, is not into it at all. YSL makeup artist  Eden Bluestein and Tant think Marcia didn’t brow block correctly (they feel it doesn’t look smooth because  she hasn’t combed the brows enough), while photographer Max Abadian digs the treatment. Everyone’s full of opinions this week—we even get to hear a post-judging rant from Isabelle, who thinks the judges are approaching the competition like it is some big joke. In full melodramatic mode, she goes so far as to refer to doing hair as her raison d’etre.

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