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Money Talks: 10 Toronto celebrities who command five-figure speaking fees

Earlier this week, Wayne Gretzky was in town talking, oddly enough, about investment strategy. Apparently, The Great One isn’t only adept at stickhandling behind the net (his office, so to speak); he can also manage your stock portfolio. After all, in this age of Ted Talks and corporate retreats, one of the quickest and easiest ways for the famous and voluble to get even richer is through speaking engagements—and the topics they cover don’t even have to be married with the reason they’re famous in the first place. Gretzky, for example, clocks a $50,000-a-pop speaking fee and a staggering $1 million per annum from TD Bank to talk about money management. And he’s not alone. Here, Gretzky and nine other Toronto notables who are cashing in on the speaking circuit.

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Tiger Woods’s Toronto doctor wanted by A-list athletes, FBI

(Image: Keith Allison)

What does it say about sports in this city when one of our biggest names doesn’t even play on a professional team? Or play at all? For doctor Anthony Galea, it’s the contents of his little black bag and his little black book that are winning him major media—and police—playtime. According to the Globe, the physician is currently facing four charges in Canada related to smuggling and distributing banned substances: human growth hormone (HGH) and Actovegin, a derivative of calf’s blood that can be used as a performance enhancer. South of the border, the FBI wants to know whether he has given HGH to professional athletes. We’re not talking about just any pros; Galea’s superstar patient list includes Tiger Woods, Alex Rodriguez, Donovan Bailey, Tie Domi and Patrick Chan.

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