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Alexisonfire to reunite for one final tour

After much speculation, a spokesperson for Alexisonfire has confirmed that the original band members—Wade MacNeil, George Pettit, Dallas Green, Chris Steele and Jordan Hastings—will be reuniting for a final tour. The band called it quits last year, and since then MacNeil has dedicated his time to his other bands Gallows and Black Lungs, while Green has toured with his project City and Colour. No official dates or tour stop details have been announced, but a Toronto concert or two is a safe bet.

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The 2012 Juno Awards best and worst dressed

Dallas Green, Leslie Feist and Alyssa Reid (Images: Sonia Recchia/WireImage)

A sampling of famous Canadians walked down a red carpet at last night’s Juno Awards, but in typical Canadian awards show fashion, very few people really put together an outfit. We saw many staid suits, some prom dresses, some technicolour bodysuits (not as controversial as Alanis Morissette’s 2004 statement bodysuit, so why bother) and a lot of skin. Here, our rundown of the best and worst looks from the 2012 Junos.

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Spotlight: Dallas Green has evolved from hardcore rocker to sensitive troubadour who fills soft-seat theatres

City and ColourFor most of the last decade, Dallas Green was best known as the guitarist and co-frontman of Alexisonfire. The group played an extreme form of guitar rock called screamo, typified by whiplash tempos, raw-nerve confessional lyrics and vocals that sound like a kid trapped in a garburator. Most screamo bands live out their days playing hole-in-the-wall venues; Alexisonfire hit huge, with albums debuting in the Top 10 and videos in constant rotation on MuchMusic. But Green had another side to him: starting in 2005, he began to record and perform solo as City and Colour (a play on his first and last names). The new persona revealed him to be a sensitive troubadour—a neo–Neil Young for the generation that grew up in the wake of grunge. To Green’s surprise, the first two City and Colour albums went platinum and earned him a pair of Junos. The third, Little Hell, topped this country’s album charts upon its release last spring and reached the Top 30 in the U.S. With his solo career eclipsing his day job in Alexisonfire, Green finally announced he was leaving the band, which subsequently broke up. The move cost Green some fans, but for many more, City and Colour is the perfect soundtrack for the transition from manic teens and 20s into a more introspective 30s and beyond—i.e., the beard years. His shift into mellowness is evident in his choice of venue, too. Though he could easily book himself into arenas, Green has opted for multi-night stands in more intimate theatres, like Massey Hall. In Green’s new musical world, there’s no need for a mosh pit.

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