Brinca Dada

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The Thing: A dollhouse for the design snob’s Mini-Me

(Image: Toni Hafkenscheid)

It reads like a dreamy real estate listing: six rooms, open floor plan and floor-to-ceiling windows. Emerson House, as this sweet pad is called, has impeccable eco-cred, with a rooftop solar panel, lead-free finishes and recessed LED lighting. But this house is under two feet tall and, supposedly, designed for ages three and up. Created by New York luxury toy team Brinca Dada, it comes with smooth black walnut furniture, Barcelona-esque loungers, an egg-shaped tub and even a bidet. Marketed as a $540 plaything, it seems destined for a sleek console table, safely out of a toddler’s grubby reach. A Lilliputian version of high-end living, it’s equal parts absurd and alluring, a lovely piece of craftsmanship that’s also house porn made miniature. Hey, it’s not just children who enjoy a bit of make-believe. Kol Kid, 674 Queen St. W., 416-681-0368.

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