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6 in 1: an outfit from Uncle Otis that is just dandy (enough)

Yorkville’s Uncle Otis can dress you head to toe (Image: Kevin Naulls)

Welcome to the second instalment—er, outfit—of All in One, a new series in which we visit stores around the city and prove that one-stop shopping is possible for the ever-busier consumer. This time we checked out Yorkville’s Uncle Otis (26 Bellair Street), home to neo-traditional style options and an assortment of street- and workwear. We think the sharply dressed man prefers to have longevity in the clothes he buys, so we put together something timeless that could last for years to come. The  total cost for our haul was $1500, but check out the individual price breakdown and shots of the individual pieces in a gallery below.

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