Round 3, fight! More TIFF cocktails to help loosen us up when we’re three feet away from Ryan Gosling

Guests at the Vanity Fair party will sip the Descendants and the Martha Marcy May Marlene cocktails.

The TIFF cocktails keep coming, because sometimes it’s difficult to fraternize with A- to D-listers without the aid of some kind of social lubricant, and this time around, Belvedere tipped us off on the drinks that will be fuelling guests at Vanity Fair’s annual gala:

  • The Descendants is named after, er, The Descendants, although it could have easily been named the Judy Greer, since she’s starring in the film and has fiery red hair to match the colour of the drink. The cocktail includes Belvedere Red with cranberry and pink grapefruit juices and is served with a grapefruit garnish in a highball glass. Shailene Woodley stars in the film alongside Greer and George Clooney, but sadly there is no Secret Life of the American Teenager spritzer (yet).

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