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Seven of Toronto’s top tea blends, from fermented Yellow Dragon to Oh Canada Maple

Toronto's Top Teas

Slamming back an espresso may get the caffeine coursing, but tea is a drink for all senses. A roundup of the most beautiful, fragrant infusions

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Coffee and Tea


Why you should choose the medium roast (hint: it’s good for you)

Probably too dark to be healthy (Image: Nate Steiner)

Good news for over-caffeinated java junkies: a new study out of UBC has found that roasting coffee beans helps create stable antioxidants, the latest fad compound believed to help protect human cells from damage and premature aging. The research provides long-sought answers as to why roasting produces creates such potent antioxidants, and even suggests which roasts are best for a maximum dose. After the jump, four interesting things we learned from the study.

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