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Weekly Lunch Pick: grilled octopus that almost convinced us it isn’t January

Grilled octopus with olives and a tomato, red onion and caper salsa (Image: Renée Suen)

A trip to Elm Street’s Adega is the perfect way to remain in denial that spring is still months away. The Portuguese restaurant’s signature Mediterranean octopus is impeccably grilled, its slightly charred crust shielding a tender, meaty core. Potatoes, crisp French beans and a gently cooked carrot play second fiddle to the hearty octopus, which is garnished with plump black olives and a bright tomato, red onion and caper salsa.

The cost: $32.50 with tax and tip.

The time: 1 hour.

Adega, 33 Elm St., 416-977-4338,