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Linda Lundström and other Toronto entrepreneurs will bring art supplies (and a yurt!) to Attawapiskat 

Toronto fashion designer Linda Lundström (famous for her LaParka coats in the late ’80s) has been gathering sewing machines, fabric and other supplies to send to artists and designers in troubled northern Ontario reserve Attawapiskat. It’s all part of an effort by a group of entrepreneurs, labour leaders and aboriginal leaders to improve the reserve’s living conditions through community-based projects. The end products will be sold at Toronto’s Design Exchange, and the group (which calls itself Design Points North) is also seeking out additional outlets—word is that Roots has expressed interest in the finished goods. Best of all, the Attawapiskat artists will get to work inside a bit of Toronto history— the Ontario Public Service Employees Union, which provided the stylin’ yurts to the Occupy Toronto movement, has donated one of the structures to serve as an art centre, now that the city’s tent camp is but a fond memory. (Well, mostly.) Read the entire story [CBC] »

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Introducing: Drift Bar, Bloor and Dufferin’s affordable new hangout

Follow their Drift: Matt Michrowski and Damian Gaughan's new Bloor West bar (Image: Jon Sufrin)

Bloordale? Dufferin Grove? Blandsdowne? Dovercourt Park? The local boundaries may be in dispute, but the area is on the rise. Two years ago, the list of hangout options near Bloor and Dufferin looked like this: dive bar, Portuguese dive bar, dive bar, Disgraceland. Then came 3 Speed and Holy Oak, Starving Artist and Calico—edgy places that toy with the concept of “dive” without actually being uninviting.

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