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The Wedding Album: John & Sarah, two college co-eds who met, and were married, on the U of T campus

John & Sarah | June 4, 2011 | Rosewater

The Wedding Album | John & Sarah

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Sarah Hugh, 27, and John Ye, 26, met as U of T undergrads at a post-exam party John was hosting in 2003. “Sarah claims that she crashed the party, but she actually was invited,” he says. They spent the whole night laughing and talking and continued to do so through the winter school break. By the time they headed back to class in the new year, they were inseparable. John went on to pursue his CFA, while Sarah enrolled in U of T’s medical school to study otolaryngology. On the last day of a really tough second year for Sarah, John skipped work and raced home to cook her a gourmet meal. “I was going to wait until after dinner to propose, but as soon as Sarah got home I was so excited I just blurted it out.” Surprised, Sarah forgot to say yes, but the planning wheels had already begun to spin. The ceremony was held at the couple’s parish, St. Thomas Aquinas. “I’ve always loved the cozy atmosphere of the church,” says Sarah. It was also across from Robarts Library, on the familiar collegiate ground where their romance first bloomed.


Photographer: Johnny Lam
Bride’s dress: Priscilla of Boston
Groom’s attire: Syd Sylver’s
liquidation sale
Bridesmaid dresses: Banana Republic
Venue: Rosewater
Cake: Cupcakes from Sugar Tiers

Flowers: Chiana Wedding Flowers and With Joy Wedding Services
Music: Nu Steez Entertainment Invitations: Designed by Wayne Sang and printed at Paperland Canada
Guests: 138
Cost: $40,000