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Weddings 2012: 15 bridesmaid dresses your best friends really will wear again

A meticulous bride won’t let her best friends suffer silently in bad taffeta

Weddings 2012 | Bridesmaid Dresses


Check out all 15 of the city’s most un-bridesmaidy bridesmaid dresses »

  • fran

    These dresses are CRAZY expensive!!!!! (and still a little bridesmaidy)

  • christine

    If anyone ever asked their bridesmaids to spend over $1000 on a bridesmaid dress they’re pretty much the definition of a bridezilla. Terrible.

  • Cee

    Who on EARTH has this kind of money to spend on a bridesmaid dress? Not to mention everything else they’ll have to pay for?! Thanks again Toronto Life, for pointing out the great divide between the rich people and the ones who can’t afford anything showcased in this magazine.

  • teekay

    I love visiting the TL website, but between this article and the one about the “poor rich people”, it’s become more than painfully clear that I am not the TL target demo. BTW, the best looking bridal party I ever saw was wearing cotton jersey convertible dresses – cost under $100 and I guarantee you every one of those girls wore her dress again.

  • cr120e

    Did the art director leave the building when these dresses got photographed?

  • Patricia

    Ritché Bridal in Toronto @ritchebridal on twitter is Lovin” Levkoff!!! 40 additional styles in store until March 4 for a designer showcase! Best selection of #Bill Levkoff in Canada!

  • Amanda

    Beautiful dresses, although WAY out of the price ranges of most bridesmaids I think.

  • Gabrielle

    My wedding gown cost $650 and it was gorgeous. These prices are absurd!!

  • Alia

    I am presently planning my wedding. I would NEVER ask any of my bridesmaids to shell out this much money for a dress, even if they could wear it again, and the majority of us are working professionals. Totally inappropriate prices!!

  • Marla

    Try twobirds bridesmaid dress. They have amazing dresses and they worked so well for my friend’s wedding. All the bridesmaids looked non-bridesmaidy, my friend even uses her for work functions and travel!!

  • peachy

    haha. even the crappy j crew number is $450. are people really this stupid?

  • Sarah

    Gorgeous but get real……these cost more than many people’s wedding dresses.