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Weddings 2012: the most exclusive, most exceptional wedding gowns and where to buy them

Gowns as unique (and sometimes shamelessly non-traditional) as the brides who’ll buy them

Toronto Life | Weddings 2012 | Wedding Gowns

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  • Caitie

    Just because a dress is white does not make it a wedding dress. Half of these are useless…..

  • Karin

    Many are very beautiful however most are way outside the average womans price point….would have been nice to see more of a range.

  • Shannon

    The runway bridal fashion isn’t for the majority of brides, but fashion designers are expected to create new collections every season, so they want to be memorable. There are a lot of bridal shops and boutiques, including The Gown in Aurora,that carry exclusive designers, as well as reasonably priced beautiful gowns. So for all you brides out there, shop around on the internet and by phone to help you choose a Bridal Shop that has what you are looking for (price and style).

  • keira

    yes, the dresses are pretty. but i will stick with “tradition” thanks.

  • Elizabeth

    I bought my wedding dress at The Gown in Aurora, fantastic personalized service, beautiful dresses within my budget.Worth the drive to Aurora!!

  • ziurande

    I’d rather spend the money on a nice trip

  • Suzanne

    I would have liked to see less Vera Wang and more local shops like Lowen and Pope

  • m

    I agree with Suzanne. There are so many beautiful shops around with a variety of gowns that have more personality than most of these. Vera Wang is beautiful, but find her gowns lack that distinguishing personality.

  • jesscia

    These gowns are all over $5000!!!

    I got mine at, a local store in downtown Toronto for not even half of the price. looks as stunning


    Dress Nr. 14 is my favorite, but I would not spend 5000 dollars on it. I bought my weddingdress from jcrew online, it was perfect for our 3 different wedding parties. The dress needed to work on one beach wedding, one city wedding and one European country wedding. It served me well, it is still all in one piece! :)

  • Laurie

    I think a wedding should be more of a cheap celebration… to gather with friends and family. It should be a joyous occasion… not money spent on things that have no bearing on the wedding… such as chair covers, dresses.. shoes etc.

    Marriages.. dont last today.. so keep it friendly and simple.. and spend your money on something more valuable…

    I rented my wedding dress…. and was not sorry I did… as it is a waste of money to hang it in the closet! it was elegant and beautiful.. tailored to me… and went back the following week!