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Monika Schnarre, Canada’s first supermodel, ties the knot. See the photos

(Image: 5ive 15teen Photo Company)

It’s official: Canada’s first supermodel is off the market. Monika Schnarre (whom, modelling pedigree aside, many of us know best as the he-she who seduced Steve Sanders on the original 90210) made it official with her beau of two years, Storey Badger. The couple exchanged vows in front of family and friends in Muskoka, which is where they met two summers ago…on the same day that Schnarre split with her ex. So, ladies (or at least lady supermodels), it is possible to find true love after 35. Here, some snaps of the bride on her big day, which included a grand entrance on a 1936 Ditchburn and a live serenade courtesy of Bad Company singer Paul Rodgers, who performed the group’s classic “Feel Like Makin’ Love” to put the bride and groom in the consummating mood. See the slide show >>

  • fangirl

    She looks gorge! what a beautiful wedding.

  • Phil

    Bit of a difference from Scarborough, eh Monica? Just make sure you don’t get absorbed into some of the Muskoka kak. Some of the people up there are questionable.

  • anonymous

    …”So, ladies (or at least lady supermodels), it is possible to find true love after 35.”

    Are you for real? Written by a 20-something, no doubt. Good for her for waiting until the time was right. These days, it’s more likely to find true love AFTER 35, when you know who you are and what you want.

  • Nicola

    She married a guy she met the on day she split from her ex-husband? I thought you weren’t supposed to marry the rebound guy?

  • Kathleen Hall

    I say, Congratuletions to Monika! Good for her!! I am a believer that you can find “true Love” at any age. You don’t have to be 20 something; you are never to old to find a “soul”mate. God puts someone in your path, when you are ready for that other individual, and when you are ready. Besides, Love works in mysterious ways.
    I hope that Monika has a wonderful life with Storey. They probably will live to grow old and cranky with one another! Touche’!

  • Ghandi

    What a waste of print. Washup leaves Canada moves to USA then back to Canada. This story has been played over and over. Good luck to both, see them in divorce court in 5 years. She should have married Fabio when he asked. lol

  • WhyAreYouWeighting

    Wow, a lot of these comments are very catty and jaded. Why can’t you just be happy for the newly married couple? Maybe because you’re not happy for yourself, so you have to bring others down too? Shame on you. You can’t lift yourself up by pulling others down.

  • Collingwood Girl

    This is all wonderful and happy-ending like, but the fact is that Storey tried to pick me up in a Collingwood bar a few months back…hope it lasts.

  • Jenny

    Wow, a girlfriend of my forwarded this to me. She asked if this was the jerk who dumped her friend. It is!! Lol. Small world. He got himself a Sugar Mama. The catty comments are funny. The will be snorting lines with Steve Page soon.

  • Andrea

    My husband and I were married in the same chruch June of 04 and I hope they are as happy as we are!

  • Karen

    Hmm…date “MikeShatilla” in high school during the height of her modelling career OR keep herself free of complications so that she could be more experienced and wiser when she finally is ready for marriage. Wow, I’m shocked she decided not to continue dating you, buddy [eye roll].

    For those of you ladies who were nearly picked up by the groom in the months leading up to this wedding, then consider yourselves lucky that you didn’t accept his advances. If what you are saying is the truth.

    And yes, I hope the author of this article never gets laid again for that quip about it being possible to find true love after 35. Who said it wasn’t possible? Sheesh!

  • typical

    the couple’s happy nuptials and future together? fantastic! the use of the term “he-she” to describe a character from a television show? so not cool! if my memory serves me correctly (and it was at least 15 years ago when the show aired and not everyone watched it so one could already argue that the writer’s reference to this particular character says far more about their own personal biases and perceptions than schnarre’s career) she played either a transvestite, or a pre-op transgendered woman. typical to though to take the easy way out for a cheap shot. that’s quality journalism.

  • Mike Shatilla

    This is the real Mike Shatilla and whoever posted the above comment is an impostor!!! You should be ashamed of yourself!!!!

  • thegirl

    I had the pleasure of working with Miss Schnarre on a little program, that I pray no one remembers, called “Boogie’s Diner” when I was apprenticing to qualify my hours as a sound tech. We were close in age and actually spent quite a bit of time talking together and though we never kept contact, nor would I, looking back, say that it was a friendship, I often mention how kind, funny and intelligent Monika was.
    I also had the displeasure, many years before Monika and I met, of being hired by the Badger family to coordinate entertainment for a birthday in Storey’s later teen years. Thinking that meeting the kid in question would help things along by giving me a heads up as to what the kid was into I was informed, after Storey was informed of my request, that, “Storey doesn’t care to meet with you because he doesn’t care about the (Very expensive.) party.”
    Needless to say, Mr. Badger’s grandpaerents certainly enjoyed the entertainment….
    These two are worlds apart. I wish them luck.

  • S

    I think Linda Evangelista would beg to differ with Monika’s title of “Canada’s First Supermodel”.

    Monika is barely known outside of the US & Canada.

  • M. Rutledge McCall

    I had the pleasure of working with Monika Schnarre for a season on an American TV series (shot in Australia at Warner Bros. for the Tribune Network). She was funny, intelligent, down-to-earth, and had the heart of an angel. Moki was–by far–the easiest, most enjoyable cast member of them all to work with. (Cast included Emily DeRavin, Jackson Raine, Daniel Goddard, many others.) Her kindheartedness and fun spirit off the set made her a sheer joy to be around. A rare, beautiful human being. -M. Rutledge McCall

  • TheVok

    ‘Storey Badger’ is the best name ever.