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Street Style


Street Style: fashionable cold-weather outfits in Yorkville

Street Style: Yorkville

When we last went style scouting in Yorkville, the breeze was warm, and sunglasses, miniskirts and iced coffees were everywhere. This time, the area’s shoppers and strollers were hidden beneath layers of cold-weather armour—which isn’t to say their outfits lacked style. We saw how a faux-fur collar (and a fierce “blue steel” pose) can liven up a winter coat. We admired hard-edged details like capped-toe shoes and a toque adorned with metal spikes. And, thanks to some bright pants and even brighter hair, we remembered that spring isn’t so far off.

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  • cathie

    As is the unfortunate norm in a dreary, dull Toronto winter we see almost everyone wearing nothing but black and griege. A bit of colour anywhere is so needed on most of these folks – see ladies #5 and #15 for inspiration. Lady #8 – that coat is so beautiful on you but sadly, such a meh colour and the grey accessories aren’t helping. Lady #11 looks especially stylish. Guy #10 made me laugh – he look like the guys I went to high school with in 1978 trying so hard to look cool.

  • Purpleandsilver

    I think that everyone looks stylish, but I’m a bit perplexed as to why it is mainly white people who are featured. Out of 16 people only 1 person of colour? I get that people have to agree to be in photos, so perhaps white people are more prone to agree to having their photo taken…. but it would be nice to see more ethnic diversity, considering it is Toronto!