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Street Style: 18 looks at the buyers and sellers at the Junction Flea

Street Style: 18 looks at the buyers and sellers of the Junction Flea

The monthly Junction Flea market, which occupied a dusty lot at Dundas and Keele all summer, has decamped to the Great Hall on Queen Street West to wait out the chilly winter. We think the move indoors is a wise choice: not only does it prevent frozen toes, but it also allows vendors and shoppers to doff their coats and show off their vintage ensembles. The most memorable looks from our recent visit include a rocker-like outfit paired with dip-dyed hair and vintage store owner Sarah Magwood’s playful mixing of prints.

We also ran into Sandy Stagg, a pioneer of vintage-cool (and a member of Toronto Life’s best-dressed hall of fame) in a silk scarf and soft beige fedora, and designer Philip Sparks wearing a chunky sweater and a massive grin. As far as sartorial pride goes, however, both were trumped by a little girl casually shopping with her mom in a pink, ruched princess dress.

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  • cathie

    This is a first, because I can’t see anything wrong with anyone, they all have a great sense of style and look wonderful. Even the lady in the last picture who appears to be wearing a tablecloth (she looks cute in it) and Guy #15 whom I hope is wearing that sweater because his mom made it for him. But it works. The hats are all fab, especially ladies #10 (great purse, too) and #11. You both look amazing from top to bottom. #12 – that hairstyle is lovely, you look like Carole Lombard. Guy #13, oh my, aren’t you a cutie.

  • missymiss

    giant boobs photobomb in #6!! lol