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Street Style: 17 looks at the commuters at Union Station

Street Style: Union Station

Despite the condo towers rapidly sprouting in the downtown core, Toronto is still a city of commuters (and patient commuters they are, with the longest average daily trip in the country). We headed to Union Station on a recent weekday to find out what the Go Train-ers and subway riders sport en route. And although we saw a few women pairing their executive suits with runners (we assume they had heels in their purses), there were also a host of unabashedly stylish takes on workday dressing.

Several livened up their neutral outerwear with gold hardware, fur hats, on-trend duffel bags and psychedelic scarves (though the most popular accessories were breakfast smoothies, bananas and cups of coffee). A few coats stood out from the forest of black wool: a man paired his kelly green puffy coat with brown leather for a preppy look; a young woman went boho with a fur-trimmed coat and printed scarf; and a writer (on her way home from a job interview) modeled a well-fitting camel wrapper. The morning’s best dressed, however, had to be an elegant woman in a darkly whimsical feathered jacket.

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  • cathie

    Its Toronto, in November. There’s no sun. Its dreary. And half of these people are dressed head to toe in black/beige/gray/blah. Why? So, ladies #1, #3, #12, take some inspiration from ladies #5 and #11 (they’ve got the right idea) and get yourself a bright scarf, gloves, handbag, brooch, anything with some colour. #3, you look fantastic in that coat, but your look is just black overkill, so you desperately need to break it up with something. #12, as my grandmother would say “you look like a drink of water”, that camel colour does nothing for you. (Sorry). Now, guy #18, he’s wearing a nice masculine scarf, just enough “something”, so guy #7 and #14, you need to follow him. And lady #9, love your fur thingy. And your purple gloves.

  • Christine

    Hey Cathie, you have too much time on your hands.

  • teekay

    I love lady #9! She is rocking it!

  • mmm

    #9 has totally got it going on! Love her look, the fur stole/jacket or whatever it is, and the bow detail–LOVE it, and also like the fabric of the jacket underneath!