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Street Style


Street Style: 20 looks at campus style at the University of Toronto

In movies, college students are usually dressed as die-hard spring breakers (tube tops, miniskirts, backwards caps) or exaggerated New England prepsters (argyle sweaters, pleated skirts, leather satchels). Happily, when we stopped by the U of T campus on a sunny September morning we found a much more eclectic array of looks. A perfectly proportioned swing coat with patterned tights, a hipster-meets-rockabilly ensemble and an RCMP coat from the 1960s all showed that a fully developed sense of personal style comes with thought and effort, not age.

Of course, some college stereotypes endure. The requisite campus sweatshirt is still a staple, the humble backpack remains the bag of choice for most (though sometimes it’s worn in addition to, rather than instead of, a purse) and sleepy students also still roll out of bed and onto campus. One fellow we caught doing just that good-naturedly agreed to pose for a picture—although he did insist on qualifying his homely duds: “I dress to the nines every day, and today, when I’m just running over to the library, you ask for a photo?”

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