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Street Style: 18 looks at the St. Lawrence Sunday Antique Market

Street Style: 18 looks at the St. Lawrence Sunday Antique Market

The St. Lawrence Sunday Antique Market is about rummaging for gems, and the stylish scavengers we encountered demonstrated a forager’s eye for detail. A tourist raised her maxi skirt to reveal a pair of technicolour Nike high-tops, and an antique market regular displayed a set of chunky rings accumulated over years of going on the hunt. A stylist bulldog owner even made sure her outfit matched her pet’s harness. Among the rows of tables we met a little girl in a pink sparkly cape (her mom said she couldn’t decide whether to be a princess or a superhero) and a jewellery vendor who told us she wears her pink sequined ball cap every Sunday without fail, proving that a love of all things pink and sparkly doesn’t always fade away with age.

Some opted to be shot with the day’s bounty (case in point: a rather dandy young gent with a fun and furry find). Others took a little coaxing: the family of a leisure-suited patriarch initially giggled at their father’s model turn, but after watching him being photographed, his daughter admitted, “You know, he actually does look pretty good.” We wholeheartedly agree. The best line of the day, however, went to a well-turned-out woman in a Burberry skirt and frilly socks who claims to buy everything she wears “at the Goodwill or at Holt’s.” Spoken like a true treasure hunter.

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