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Street Style


Street Style: 21 looks at the colourful characters in Kensington Market

Street Style | Kensington Market

A summer Pedestrian Sunday in Kensington Market is one of the already-bustling bohemian neighbourhood’s busiest times: in one direction there’s a Brazilian drum circle, in another a rooftop hip-hop performance, down an alley a stage full of female dancers and spread among the sea of people are vendors, artists and people smoking cannabis. It’s rare for a Toronto ’hood to stop car traffic in order to make way for walking, and the result is the most stylish crop we’ve seen yet in our Street Style series, an energetic representation of the city’s diversity at its best. There’s the sweet-as-pie, barefoot hippie with dreads; the crustpunk-in-training; the kid with better fashion sense than most adults (look!); the woman who makes a Monroe piercing actually look sexy; the well-put-together, grey-haired gent with the dandiest duds; and a host of young women who look as though they just returned from a music festival. While the Market has a reputation as a Patchouli-soaked playground for Whole Foods–dodging organic worshipers, we prefer the mixed bag of uniquely styled strollers we saw at every turn on the latest sun-drenched Sunday (we did, of course, smell Patchouli—but we’re happy to report it wasn’t overwhelming).

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