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Street Style


Street Style: 33 looks at the men and women of the Village during Toronto Pride 2012

Toronto Pride conjures a multitude of iconic images: leather-clad “daddy” types with their vested “sons,” drag queens clad in feather boas and covered in glitter, lesbians with asymmetrical haircuts, and men and women sporting various shades of nude. And of course, we saw each type enjoying a rollicking good time at last weekend’s parade. Yet the styles in the Village are so much more dynamic these days. We spotted gentlemen in embellished vests and loose knit tops—the finishing touches on undeniably stylish, yet not too ostentatious ensembles—and even the eccentric appeared more put-together, with fits that flattered the body and hair that framed the face. The emphasis is no longer on one-upmanship or shock value; it’s on having fun in something cool and comfortable.

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Along the road, we met a weekend cowboy who isn’t actually a cowboy (natch), a weekend sailor who isn’t actually a sailor (double natch) and the most adorable woman, who at 81 years old is still partying in technicolour (we dare you not to feel the most incredible tug at your heart after you see her). Of course, there were the usual bright, glaring tanks—but the glamorous neo-goth looks really captured our attention. We also liked a gal in a royal blue peplum dress entering the Blockorama party and a couple of cute-as-a-button fellas marching along Church Street in their summer’s best. And because this is Pride, one of the most inclusive street parties of the year, we even saw a dog getting in on the action. Until next year, Happy Pride.