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Street Style: 24 looks at the style of Trinity Bellwoods Park

Trinity Bellwoods Park is but a shell of its former self these days, physically speaking at least. Back in the very early 1900s, it was the home of Trinity College, Garrison Creek Ravine and the Crawford Street Bridge, but those iconic city landmarks have long since been relocated or buried. Similarly, the community’s style has seen many iterations, from the dignified dress code of the well-to-do residents occupying beautiful Victorian homes in the early 1900s, to the humbler trappings of the working class community that followed in the 1960s. Today, when we think of Trinity Bellwoods, we think of slacker fashion: the jorts and jeans of a could-be hacky sack crew, a sunning beauty in a T-shirt and a plaid-shirted and barefoot acoustic guitar–playing dude with his bohemian babe. And that’s exactly what we found, with the exception of a few new characters: a fashionable jock, a hula hooper and a hot pin-up goth mom taking care of her adorable child (the park is still a family-friendly space, despite the number of empties produced daily in the summertime).

For some, the park itself can be a cash cow, as long as the cops aren’t around: beer can collectors troll the grounds, hiding their eyes and head from the sun with practical brimmed hats and sunglasses. Others take the opportunity to get some sun, and despite the lack of an outdoor swimming pool, we spotted a smattering of park inhabitants wearing just a bathing suit and a smile (it’s certainly a brave choice in conservative Toronto). Ultimately, Bellwoods is an inclusive environment, and while it isn’t rare to see groups of friends stake out a spot with a blanket in tow, there aren’t any clique-based rivalries to report—an older European gentleman in a conservative button-up, an all-gay birthday fête with party hats and matching Popsicles and a shirtless frisbee-throwing sporto all seem to live in harmony.

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  • Dizzy

    The people: Half of them trying WAY too hard. I bet that guy with the skateboard and the stupid moustache took 4 hours picking out just the right captain’s hat.

    The dogs: Cute, but hopefully not too miserable in the heat.

    In conclusion: More pictures of pups please.

  • Bob

    I have nothing to say other than I look forward to visiting this page In two days to see 30+ anonymous posters rip the people in the pics 6 ways to Sunday. Come on TOLife haters, don’t let me down!

  • Yo

    Can’t wait to see the Beaches version of this column! And Toronto Island! And Downsview Park!

  • Jo

    Trinity Bellwoods – land of the hipster dufus

  • ks

    omg ahah i want to make these my revolving profile photos for a week!

  • Vardit

    You could just tell many of those pictured vote NDP:):):)

  • Greg

    Halloween came early! It’s pretty wild that people seriously dress in costume every single day.

  • Janet

    What a sad state of affairs when people make their bitterness so obvious. When I look at these picures I see a diverse group of people enjoying the sun. So what if they took their time preparing their outfits – many of them look suitable to grace the cover of a magazine – what a gorgeous lady in black with the cute little toddler! Clearly some of these comments display incredible jealousy coming from people who may well have no life themselves. I genuinely feel sorry for them. Get down to Trinity Bellwoods and put your smile on folks – maybe your life will get better. By the way – I am over 60 years of age and I love to see young and old people enjoying our wonderful city in this way.

  • lol

    hey look all these ppl have smiles on their faces!!! unlike u loser trolls

    and this is miles better than blogto street styles :P

  • jlt

    woman with the toddler looks amazing!

  • Ian

    Went to Trinity Bellwoods Park this past Saturday with our 1 year old.

    There were literally hundreds and hundreds of hip young people hanging out drinking beer, wine, smoking weed and just having a picnic. Totally fun and peaceful. There must have been 500 people there it was like Central Park in May! I would have killed for this in the late 90′s!

  • Nicki

    Did you know that sometimes people in Trinity Bellwoods even TALK to each other? Complete strangers smiling and saying hello – it’s madness!

  • Taz

    How refreshing to see different types of people with one thing in common – a smile on their faces as they enjoy a nice summer day in the city.

  • Jenna

    Where can I get rainbow hair framing my face?! I love that.

  • Joe Mancinelli

    It look sstaged in certain photographs.
    Joe Mancinelli

  • Janet

    Hmmmm! Now didn’t someone say, “All the world’s a stage.”
    Might as well make a grand entrance while you can!

  • Catherine

    Ooooooohhhh, they are all SO beautiful! Love it…makes me smile :)