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Target Canada may close, maybe

(Image: Target Canada)

(Image: Target Canada)

When Target Canada opened up shop(s) last year, there was much rejoicing. Finally Canadians would be able to take part in the candy-striped discounts our American cousins had enjoyed for so long. Well, we hope you saved $4 on a Liz Lange pleated maternity blouse while you could, because Target Canada may be heading back across the border, like the humiliated invaders at the Battle of Queenstown Heights. (There’s a little something for all you 1812 buffs out there.)

The Globe is reporting that the recent resignation of Target CEO Gregg Steinhafel, following a data breach that saw customer information seriously compromised, could mean curtains for Target Canada, which has been under-performing, embarrassing the bottom line of the robust retailer. Shame on all of us. “It is conceivable that they will close Canada,” retail analyst Faye Landes told the Globe. A Target spokesperson refused to “comment on speculation.” But that won’t stop us, and everyone else, from speculating. You heard it here first second: Target Canada is for sure maybe possibly closing.