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Target Canada may close, maybe

(Image: Target Canada)

(Image: Target Canada)

When Target Canada opened up shop(s) last year, there was much rejoicing. Finally Canadians would be able to take part in the candy-striped discounts our American cousins had enjoyed for so long. Well, we hope you saved $4 on a Liz Lange pleated maternity blouse while you could, because Target Canada may be heading back across the border, like the humiliated invaders at the Battle of Queenstown Heights. (There’s a little something for all you 1812 buffs out there.)

The Globe is reporting that the recent resignation of Target CEO Gregg Steinhafel, following a data breach that saw customer information seriously compromised, could mean curtains for Target Canada, which has been under-performing, embarrassing the bottom line of the robust retailer. Shame on all of us. “It is conceivable that they will close Canada,” retail analyst Faye Landes told the Globe. A Target spokesperson refused to “comment on speculation.” But that won’t stop us, and everyone else, from speculating. You heard it here first second: Target Canada is for sure maybe possibly closing.

  • Richard Sharp

    kmart, come back!

  • WEW

    The only time I’ve ever gone to a Target store is when I’m in the US. I don’t even know where a Target is around Toronto. Just goes to show that they didn’t market themselves very well.

  • mattearle

    Noooooo. The one at Stockyards is AWESOME.

  • Jay Tripper

    i freaking love target.

  • Kylara7

    Maybe they should have done a better job with it instead of launching a crappier version in Canada vs. their US stores…

  • Phil Chang

    this is a seriously bad article. you kinda sorta gossiped about something that kinda sort isn’t going to happen and kinda sort took a run at them when clearly you kinda sorted researched this. Not lamented about the cheap digital space you wasted, but wasting toronto life’s wonderful reputation for good, sharp articles and content on this??

    Target has their work cut out for them. They need to prove they can hang with the Big Guys here. You need to prove you can write a good article.

  • Peter Petracsek

    I’ve only gone through Target to get to the Mall. Zeller’s was Better. Maybe the Americans should return K-mart to Canada to compete with Walmart. We had no problems with K-mart
    until they pulled out of Canadian market.

  • T.G. Crewe

    Target, Walmart, all big box and Amazon are stealing your souls and the middle class for a preceded savings on crap goods from China. Shop local.





  • pragmatic_D

    Big problem with Target is that they came way too late into the game. Big box stores like Walmart, Best Buy and Home Depot have already entrenched themselves in the Canadian market. Target needs something extra to get people into their stores, and having lower prices isn’t going to help their cause for a couple of reasons, one is it will cut into their profits, two is that Walmart will match them if they try.

  • Mehzuba Isl A

    I want Ross in Canada.

  • pragmatic_D

    Problem is, there is little in locally made goods now. Places like Canadian Tire, who used to buy local, were forced to go overseas as Canadians were too cheap to pay for the higher prices of local products, going instead for cheaper goods.

  • Bonsai

    If it is not in a mall I won’t buy it!! I hate box stores!! A mall is one stop shopping instead of driving from box to box!! If we all stopped shopping at box stores more malls would be built!!

  • T.G. Crewe

    Exactly my point. :)

  • DJ Leo Gee Gee

    You could buy Herpes from Zellers

  • kim

    I don’t think Target should be close. they just too overthink that they are very strong in Us market, now you are in canada, try to understand what is kind of customer now and just change the plan, and Target will be better. I hope Target will be better soon

  • ivanka

    i love target. if you have the slightest design sense you would shop there and not walmart. prices are good. design is great and quality is very good too. if target closes it because canadians are anti american.

  • Mark Shannon

    I kind of once sorta almost shopped at Target, but nearly didn’t not absolutely find somewhat slightly higher level of quality deals possibly somewhere else.

  • Jason R

    You didn’t have to buy Herpes, that was free everytime you push one of the Shopping Carts around.

  • Jason R

    Okay….So I am not surprised to hear this…Pretty much since last August, Employees have been getting under 20 Hours a Week and Stores have been using Temps..Employees have lost Faith. Second, I don’t mind paying an Extra Dollar or 2 but sorry I am not paying $9.99 for a Nate Burkus Pencil Holder for my Desk….made from Cardboard…No I’m Serious saw this Yesterday. Flagship store has bare or barely stocked shelves and the deals are just not there. If they are smart, fill the shelves, give their employees hours, and keep bringing better quality Products than Walmart but don’t try to charge “Holt Renfrew” Prices. They need to a cleaner, better products and service version of Walmart, where customers don’t mind paying a few extra cents not a few extra dollars.

  • Celery66

    the one at cloverdale was crap, very little stock and next to nothing in the plus szie dept!!!!!!!!!!! would not miss it

  • raifon

    Targets failures in Canada are a direct result for their decision to compete in local markets instead of offering Canadians their best prices. 80% of Canadians live within 100 miles of the US border and know full well what Target prices are in the US. With their prices around the 25 to 40 % mark higher in Canada it doesn’t take a degree in market studies to see why Canadians aren’t flocking to Target. Case in point a piece of Sony equipment was priced at $228 when introduced at retailers Canada wide, and eventually went on sale for $168. The price remained at $196 at Target for months even when I mentioned it could be had at WalMart for the $168 price. Just to confirm I went to Walmart and to my suprise it was down to $128. Recently went to Target to see if there was any adjustment on the price to compete and they had lowered the price to $168 minus the 5% saving on the card to come so that is about $160 still $32 higher that Futureshop, Bestbuy and WalMart. If that is indicutive of their pricing policy and they refuse to compete they may as well packup and go home because Canadians are frugal shoppers and do not have any real loyalties when it comes to major purchases. If you offer best price on I’d say 60% of your inventory consumers may buy a higher priced product because they are there firstly for the bargins and then higher priced products may be purchased out of convenience. Target has to shape up or go home !

  • Alex

    Anything but Walmart. The worst retailer on the earth. A business cancer.

  • candolf

    I know. I loved KMART.



  • Troutmagnet

    Isn’t EVERYTHING kinda sorta-something? This was kinda sorta an article…

  • Troutmagnet

    …with your MOUTH…

  • Troutmagnet


  • Troutmagnet

    ^ Like what she said, only much smarter.

  • Troutmagnet

    Really? K-Mart was awful in Canada! Maybe the stores were better near you, but in this part of Ontario they were always one step away from a flea market.

  • Troutmagnet

    …or maybe they should have moved into Canada when the economy wasn’t so terrible? I think the hideous winter we just had put a major cramp in retail consumer spending. This winter was extremely unusual in that regard.

  • Rick

    Kmart is dead.

  • Rick

    Kmart can’t compete with Walmart. They’re dying.

  • Vimge4 .

    fully agree. Love target too, just wish they would bring ALL of their brands/products to Canada and at prices more comparable to those at the US stores. Someone actually thinks Zeller was better??!!! THAT was one of the most disgusting stores i have ever had the displeasure of walking into it. So glad they are gone.

  • warren

    shut them down, waste of space. bring back zellers