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MEC’s new, uptown location gets one step closer to construction

mec 1

Mountain Equipment Co-op, the Vancouver-based retail destination for all things outdoorsy, is looking to build a massive new outlet in Bayview Village. The cooperative purchased a property at 784 Sheppard Avenue East in 2012, and has since been awaiting approval to construct a massive facility on the land. Now Retail Insider reports that MEC’s development plan has been okayed by the North York Community Council, bringing the suburban outlet one step closer to reality. If the application is approved by city council on February 19, construction on the new store could begin as soon as March, allowing for a grand opening in spring 2015.

As proposed by MEC, the property (formerly home to Sheridan Nurseries) would house a 44,000 square-foot retail outlet capped by a“fancy solar roof,” plus a 48-unit townhouse development built on adjacent land, which MEC plans to sell off to a developer. Located just steps from Bessarion station, the new store would give uptowners a way to stock up on backpacks and carabiners without making the trek downtown. That, and an actual reason to ride the Sheppard subway line.

  • Canadianskeezix

    Okay, I get it that a blog like Retail Insider, based in Vancouver and whose focus is retail (not Toronto), got the name of “North York Municipal Council” incorrect, but Toronto Life (whose focus *is* Toronto)? C’mon. It’s North York Community Council.


    Hello Skeezix, the company’s press release actually called it “Municipal Council”. We apologize for the error, and we’ll correct it and mention you as the source of that correction.

    You’re correct, we’re in Vancouver although we’ve lived in Toronto in the past as well. Having lived in Toronto’s Yorkville area, we can’t way we’ve ever encountered ‘North York Community Council’.

  • mlaffs

    Not really any different than Toronto and East York Community Council, which deals with similar types of approvals for the Yorkville area.

    Anything that could actually bring some development around Bessarion, so that the subway stop isn’t a complete white elephant, is probably good news.

  • Elle

    Sorry to make another pedantic comment but I would expect Toronto Life to realize that the new MEC will be no where near North Toronto.

  • Toronto Life

    Hi, Canadianskeezix. You’re right on both counts. The post has been updated. Thanks for keeping us vigilant.