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Zara launches online shopping in Canada

After years of waiting for Zara to bring online shopping north of the border, the retail giant is finally launching its Canadian online shop and mobile app. Both the website and the app have the full range of men’s, women’s and kids’ apparel at the same prices as in stores, and Zara is offering free delivery (with eco-friendly packaging, no less) anywhere in Canada for purchases over $50. The return policy is also consumer-friendly: shoppers can return online purchases to any store within 30 days or can have them picked up from home at no charge. The e-commerce launch comes days after the announcement that Toronto is getting a brick-and-mortar Zara Home store before the U.S., suggesting the company is finally paying Canada some attention. Consider us mollified.

  • Julie

    They also made an amazing app for the blackberry 10 where you can also shop through the app. You can see it here:

  • Annie-Body TorontoCanada

    LOL they need to fix their Categories! IE: Woman ??? should it not be Women? strange. sounds like a caveman wrote the website ;)

  • Consumers beware

    Consumers beware. Zara company policy
    is signature not require on delivery. So if you package get drop off as the
    courier company claim and is missing both side are not held responsible and you’re
    the one left without your order and frustration from poor customer service.