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Introducing: Gravity Pope, a massive Toronto location from the popular Western Canadian shoe boutique

Gravity Pope, a trend-focused shoe store much beloved in Western Canada, opened its first Toronto location on Friday at Queen and Ossington. Although the soaring two-level space has good-sized clothing sections for men and women, the main draw is the rows upon rows of shoes dominating the main floor. With a wide-ranging portfolio of brands—including a reasonably priced house label as well as Converse, Repetto, Camper, Cacharel and Marni—the footwear selection caters to everyone from the hipster set to fashion-conscious moms and dads and glamour girls looking for night-out heels.

In both Edmonton and Vancouver, Gravity Pope’s shoe and clothing boutiques are separate, but the size of the newly built Toronto space meant they could combine the two into what manager Jody Kirk thinks of as a “mini department store” (the menswear section is to the left of the shoes, while the larger women’s area is upstairs, via a staircase salvaged from a Buenos Aires theatre built in 1934). Unlike the shoes, the clothing has a tighter focus, with brands like Alexander Wang, Cedric Charlier, Comme des Garçons and Paul Smith, and is aimed mainly at trendier shoppers willing to pay for quality.

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Gravity Pope, 1010 Queen St. W.,647-748-5155,

  • awful

    how lovely for there to be a place that sells disgustingly overpriced t-shirts accross the street from CAMH, where impoverished and marginalized people are seeking help. almost insulting; and doubtful that GP will ever do anything to help the needy people who have been seeking solace accross the street for decades. surely their only interaction will be to bar them from the store.

  • Bitch, please

    If you wanna bitch about something it should be the welfare system!

  • LadyinRed

    I don’t understand why a retail store should be required to do anything to help the clients of CAMH? As a mental health worker I don’t think it is reasonable to expect stores to do this. As well, I’ve noticed that when CAMH clients go into the store the staff are nothing but friendly and treat them like everyone else! Don’t judge this store based on CAMH and its location in relation. Half of the stores on Ossington sell similar merchandise, they are catering to a certain type of person. Also I don’t think you know very many clients that are served by CAMH, they are not all impoverished and marginalized, do not make assumptions and cast stereotypes when you clearly do not have a good understanding of the mental health system.

  • Jam

    CAMH – oh please. don’t feel sorry for them. They received last November the single biggest donation from the Campbell family (grand daughter of Roy Thomson) in Canadian history of $30 million.

  • awful

    they arent required to do anything. some businesses have a sense of community and some dont. gravity pope does not – it is an elitist establishment which will absolutley do nothing for the neighbourhood except be one more nail in the coffin of gentrification.

    their prices and the frivilous, extravagant lifestyle they promote are offensive. BTW of course not everyone at camh is “marginalized” but the whole city knows that many of their clients are.

    I dont feel sorry for CAMH, but I do think its a disgusting irony to be selling thousand dollar boots accross the street from many people who can barely afford shoes.

  • brab noble

    We should be happy that CAMH is now located in a vibrant, dynamic section of the city and not outcast to an impoverished, derelict and downtrodden area.

  • lol

    Superficial lifestyle… trying to buy coolness? Losers

  • relax

    some people need to relax and just read the article for what its about: a store opening. this has nothing to do with camh except for the fact that its across the street. so post on your negative camh-related comments on another article. so many negative people out there!

  • relax

    some people need to relax and just read the article for what its about: a store opening. this has nothing to do with camh except for the fact that its across the street. so post on your negative camh-related comments on another article. its too bad there are so many negative people out there who are just looking for things to cut down!

  • Love it

    Great store, great people, great atmosphere. Can’t ask for much more.

  • Eris

    It might be expensive but most of the brands they carry is high quality. I tend to think of Gravitypope as the type of store you shop at for clothing and shoes you want to last for a long time and withstand trends to the point of timelessness. I certainly cannot afford it on a weekly or monthly basis but I’m saving up for Trippen shoes that I KNOW will last forever. This isn’t discardable fashion of H&M and XXI. So, before you rag on how expensive it is just keep in mind it caters to a clientele that appreciate quality and don’t necessarily shop as much as you think. The sales staff is quite knowledgable and friendly. It is everything I expected expectation-wise.

  • Not that expensive

    I got myself §80 jeans and §65 Converse from the store….