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GALLERY: Yorkdale reveals its flashy new expansion

Yorkdale Shopping Centre’s swanky 145,000-square-foot expansion opens today, marking the next phase in the North Toronto mega-mall’s quest to corner the upscale market (a fancy food court already opened in June). Among the 30-odd new or expanded stores are the first Canadian installations of Loft (the younger, hipper label from Ann Taylor), Ted Baker London and Kate Spade New York, as well as Microsoft’s first-ever retail location outside the U.S. The suburban mall’s ability to draw buzzy retailers from abroad suggests its upmarket strategy is working.

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Apart from the new stores, the estimated $185-million renovation also adds 800 new parking spots and 65,000 square feet of green rooftops. The main atrium of the new wing features two major installations by Toronto-based artist Ed Pien, as well as a massive skylight that floods the space with natural light (in case shoppers need a reminder of the outside world after they’ve been holed up in the mall for hours). See below for the full list of new and expanded retailers.

• Stores new to Canada: Kate Spade New York, Loft, Microsoft, Ted Baker London and Tesla Motors.
• Stores new to Yorkdale: Ann Taylor, Anthropologie, Best Buy Mobile, David’s Tea, Diesel, the North Face, L’Occitane, Papyrus, an exclusive Rolex boutique at Raffi Jewellers, Ta-ze, and Wilfred Boutique.
• Existing Yorkdale stores that have expanded: Apple, Bell, Bluenotes, Champs, Club Monaco, Hugo Boss, Lacoste, Lululemon, Mappins, Starbucks and TELUS.
• Opening soon: Holt Renfrew (will be re-opening in a much larger space in 2013) and AllSaints (opening in 2013).

  • Robbie

    May i say wow??!!

  • Josh

    lol bluenotes??? stands out of the expansion

  • cathie

    I think this Holt Renfrew renovation started about 5 years ago.

  • engbeyer

    It looks amazing but i’m still waiting for Forever XXI (with a men’s section) and a better table-service dining selection. someone should’ve closed the pickle barrel years ago. cheesecake factory anyone? that said, the expansion is fantastic.

  • Johnny

    For sure the place to stay away from during the holiday season. This place just seem like a nightmare.. no amount of additional parking will cure this headache of a place but Welcome to Ted Baker. I should check out his price compared to what I have paid for them in London…

  • Janice Cho-Chu

    “i’m still waiting for Forever XXI (with a men’s section)” Ugh, are you serious? Like it’s not bad enough that there’s a Le Chateau and an Old Navy at Yorkdale, but you want to stink it up with a Forever 21? Please go to the Eaton Centre, because it seems to be more your speed.

  • lolol

    ^lol pretentious much? If that’s your thinking, you should take another look at the community surrounding yorkdale. old navy and le chateau would be better suited for them, whereas the upper-class snobby stores are the ones that don’t fit.

  • Maladroite

    Yeah, this is the thing we need the most- more stores. I wonder how much Ted Baker is paying their employees and the percentage of markup on their products.

    Is everything made in China? How exactly are these new stores helping the Canadian economy, aside from the sales tax?

  • Janice Cho-Chu

    “the upper-class snobby stores are the ones that don’t fit” If the so-called snobby stores are the ones that don’t fit, then why is Yorkdale adding so many of them? Did you not notice that a majority of the stores in the expansion are “snobby”? Additionally, the immediate neighbourhood around Yorkdale is of no concern, because I’m well aware that the bourgeoisie from Forest Hill are more than happy to make the drive. Why do you think parking is always an issue at Yorkdale?

  • A-M

    The area needs a food market. It would have been nice if the planners thought a little outside the box and included one and decent places to eat (sit-down). These additions would make Yorkdale more relevant, IMHO.