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Introducing: J.Crew’s new Eaton Centre store (which finally includes stuff for fellas)

Toronto’s male preppy set was dismayed when J.Crew opted to sell only womenswear at its Yorkdale Mall store, meaning they’d still have to to go online (or trek to Buffalo) for Cape Cod-style basics. Happily, the retailer’s second Toronto location, which opened yesterday in the Eaton Centre, has enough room for a substantial menswear section with a separate entrance. All told, the new store occupies nearly 9,000 square feet, compared to Yorkdale’s 5,000. (Don’t expect the controversial pricing to change, though—the Canadian prices are still marked up over their American counterparts.)

On both the men’s and women’s sections, the vibe and merchandise are classic J.Crew: blond hardwood shelving, amorphous ceramics and mannequins wearing purposefully rumpled workwear in sherbet colours. Cashmere V-necks ($218), gold necklaces studded with resin cabochons ($174) and patterned oxfords ($76-$88) pop in the well-lit space. Associated brands like Sperry and Robert Smithson, among others, are prominently displayed where the women’s store joins the men’s area, while dedicated salons showcase women’s shoes and handbags. Suit junkies can also ogle the in-house Ludlow line in a separate room. Finally, if all of this is overwhelming, an appointment can be made, free of charge, for a personal stylist—even after the store closes for the night.

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  • Jane

    Is it just me, or has J Crew been drinking the high end kool aid? Calf hair booties for $450?! Who do they think they are, Alexander Wang? Their design sense is not cutting edge enough to warrant paying nearly Lanvin prices for a pair of aldo-looking shoes (and I’m not knocking Aldo, they make great stuff for realistic pricing). If you wanted to spend $350 on a sweater – go to Holts and get a far more stylish knee length sweater COAT from a premium designer, not a preppy mom chain. Really disappointing. Ann Taylor should knock the crap out of them when they arrive…

  • Mike

    Dropped in last night to check it out, and the Men’s shop is really nice. But there is no way I am paying upwards of 30% for stuff I can get on my next trip to the States. I hope others feel the same way and J. Crew realizes it has messed up big time on this, though I doubt it.

    If anything I’ll browse this store before heading south so I don’t have to waste time in NYC or elsewhere picking out stuff and trying it on.

  • leprechaunvict

    Yep, I agree with Mike. Will try stuff on to make sure the right sizes fit then wait til my next US trip to buy there.

  • Ted

    If the prices are indeed higher than what you would find in the U.S, what is the incentive to buy in Canada? Apparently J Crew is also opening a location at the Fairview Mall, which is even smaller and less upscale than the Eaton Centre is, and is probably doomed to fail. J.Crew is still unfamiliar to a lot of Canadian consumers, and considering Club Monaco makes more or less the same stuff, at a significantly reduced price, I have trouble believing J.Crew is going to find a happy home in Canada.

  • Moi

    Too bad prices are ill :(

  • Michael

    I dropped in to check out the store recently.I didnt notice the price mark ups,most of the stuff i saw was same as online prices.
    I did notice however the mens side is a fraction of the overrall fall collection and they had items out from 2011 fall collection which i thought was kind of odd…