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The new giant Harry Rosen flagship store in the Eaton Centre is now open

Sporting white loafers and a summer suit, Harry Rosen himself cut the ribbon at the opening of his namesake chain’s massive new digs at the Eaton Centre yesterday morning. (The ribbon was made of Glen plaid suiting fabric, prompting Rosen’s eldest son, Larry, now CEO of the sartorial empire, to quip, “I hope this wasn’t expensive cloth.”) The new space, on the upper level of the mall overlooking Queen Street, has a tailor shop, private shopping suites and over 15,000 square feet devoted to making guys look good. The opening is the first phase of an aggressive expansion in Toronto for the menswear institution: a store twice the size of the Eaton Centre location will open in Yorkdale Mall in 2013, and the renovation at the First Canadian Place location should be revealed later this summer.

  • opl

    Sorry the Eaton Center is the wrong demographic for H.R.

  • Frank

    HR = pretentious sales staff and overpriced old man’s clothes. Would rather go to Holts or Banana.

  • lynn

    My two sons and husband love Yorkdale’s Harry Rosen and also the Bloor Street location. Hugo Boss makes perfect clothes for all three of them despite three different dress styles. I agree with Frank that the general attitude at the Eaton Centre store can make us feel like we’re in the wrong place sometimes.

    Our family loves shopping at other Harry Rosen stores though. We have had several very knowledgeable sales staff to bounce our ideas off of. They are respectful and often listen to our requirements quite carefully.

  • Michael

    Iused to get good service at the Bloor Store – now I feel like I’m not rich enough. I’m constantly left waiting or being pushed into a price bracket I can’t afford. It’s like they hired car salespeople.

    On the other end, the Eaton Centre location has been a much better, more relaxed experience.

    Regardless, I’d rather shop with Harry than Holts.

  • Tina

    Pity there is only “this or that” – still.

  • Todd

    Putting HR in the same category as BR is an insult to HR. The clothes at HR are far superior in quality, style and the level of service that you get is in a league of it’s own. HR actually alters anything you buy free of charge and will do so as long as you own the piece of clothing. I own quite a bit of stuff from BR and you can buy the same pants, same cut, same size in different colors and have them all fit differently – how’s that for quality control – but it’s a more affordable product – so it serves its purpose. I have bought very few items from holt, it doesn’t offer the same level of customer service as HR and I feel like the majority of people who shop there buy stuff purely for the name and a LOT of it is ugly – IMO.