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Introducing: Soop Soop, a Toronto-based online vintage shop

Toronto is home to many great vintage boutiques, but sometimes the smell of musty, dewy old clothes can make on-site shopping a rather unpleasant experience. Thankfully, the newly launched Soop Soop bypasses the olfactory experience and cuts straight to the visuals—the shop is online, complete with photos upon photos of beautiful hand-picked pieces for men and women (although many of the pieces could go either way). In addition to the usual suspects, like an old T-shirt or a worn-in denim shirt, the brand also salvages misshapen and dowdy clothes by transforming them into brand new pieces. The brand’s aim is to “[save] a whole lot of clothing from a landfill by finding ways to reinvent items deemed garbage because of an ink stain, tear or outdated shape.” It’s certainly not a new idea to host a vintage shop online (it’s how Magwood owner Sarah Magwood got her start, after all), but Soop Soop is offering a whole lot of trash-turned-treasure, and we like  it.

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