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Find out where Jake Gyllenhaal—or his stylist—shops in Toronto

Jake G’s jacket (Image: m0851)

A lot of paparazzi photos have surfaced of Jake Gyllenhaal from the set of An Enemy, and two things are being buzzed about: his impressive beard, and his leather jacket. The beard came from Jake G. himself, but the jacket is from Yorkville’s m0851. We can’t promise you that just wanting a beard will make it grow, but if you have $950, you could at least pretend to be as cool as Gyllenhaal in this motorcycle jacket. This could be just as popular as the Smythe jacket Kate Middleton wore on a plane (at least to fans of Donnie Darko, Brokeback Mountain and, um, The Day After Tomorrow?).

  • AM

    Leave the guy alone….and get a life! You are embarassing Canadians everywhere! No one cares what he eats or where he shops!

  • cozyshack

    To the above poster, this is Toronto Life! He is in Toronto. It makes sense. And, it’s funny, and isn’t hurting anyone. Also, personally, I am really enjoying these Jake updates. As is just about every person who is tired of reading about Rob Ford, TTC plans, and the heat wave. Breath of fresh fucking air, ok?

  • lowrez

    I sort of care because he is a highly admired style icon and it’s helpful to know the source of his wardrobe.

    This article does not contain any information about where he eats or what toilet paper he prefers.

  • Zooey

    I’m especially partial to Charmin’s double quilted. So good on the butt!

  • Marietta

    As a huge Jake fan, I’m loving the updates a lot. If telling us about the leather jacket inspires people to shop at that store that’s great! I will say that Jake has made a lot of other movies since the ones you mentioned. Donnie Darko, Brokeback Mountain, and The Day After Tomorrow are pretty famous, but I have a feeling Jake is causing a lot more excitement with his female fans since they got a real good look at him in Love & Other Drugs. I’ve also seen him in Brothers, Jarhead, and his most recent thriller, The Source Code. All of them are amazing movies. If you are a new Jake fan you will definitely enjoy them. Prince of Persia too.

  • sugarsugar

    @AM also, if you haven’t noticed, the TL blogs have a totally different tone than the magazine. they’re fun, quirky and a touch snarky. this is how magazines stay alive in the digital age….they adapt.

  • Larry

    Why can’t celebrities be left alone? I am so tired of these “OMG What’s Jake wearing?” fans, it’s disgusting. Get a life, peeps!

  • donna

    I can’t believe my #1 celeb crush was literally on my doorstep the other day and I missed it.