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A small slice of Uniqlo is now available in Toronto

Fans of Japanese fast fashion label Uniqlo will be excited to note that Queen Street West’s Community 54 launched a small capsule collection of the brand’s Andy Warhol collaboration this weekend. The shop will be be carrying a limited selection of T-shirts ($50) and a sampling of Uniqlo’s popular—and relatively inexpensive—denim ($85). This is the second coming of Uniqlo to Toronto—last year, Lost and Found was selling the company’s plain T-shirts. Now it’s officially time for Community 54’s 15 minutes.

  • Ender

    Last time I checked their jeans were an affordable $49 USD. What a rip off.

  • MP

    Wow, what a rip-off. Uniqlo is super cheap in Japan (like 15 dollar tees) not 54 bucks. Pass

  • Sweet

    I guess Torontonians are stuck paying these jacked up prices for these shirts which are $19.90 at Uniqlo stores.

  • ha

    Obviously just buying the product at retail in NYC and selling it in the store for some press.

  • maash

    Ugh, why can’t Toronto have a Uniqlo instead of all those crappy Joe stores.

    The cheaper denim is $49 in New York, but there is nicer denim that’s $85. Maybe they are selling the more expensive pants?

  • AG

    Yeah these guys are not doing anyone a service,Uniqlo is all about good quality well priced clothing, not whatever these people dreamed up.

  • really?

    Clearly you havent worked in retail. Do you know how much more it costs to get product in Canada vs the US? Just look at the mark up on the back of a book vs US price. These prices arent as cheap as Uniqlo stores, but they are in line w import prices.

  • lalaland


    I agree that import duties will make the same product more expensive in Canada vs. the US. However, the difference between US and Canadian book sticker prices are 30% (tops?) for the most part. If you look at electronics (i.e. iProducts) the difference is still within that range. So Charging $50 in Canada for something that costs $15-$25 in the USA, even if you account for Community 54′s markups and that the t-shirts are “special edition”, is still a ripoff.

  • Mike

    I’d rather get a cheap Porter flight to Newark, bus to Port Authority, subway to any of the three Uniqlo’s in NYC, to get this stuff for FAR cheaper than this rip-off.

    At least I’d get to use a proper transit system and see a city that didn’t tear down all of its historic buildings.

  • Itchy

    screw that ….. got my friend in Tokyo to buy a bunch and having it sent over. $50 for a what costs about $12 bucks in Japan …… no thanks.

  • mmm

    SO true, Uniqlo being here is a joke. Either set up an actual store which would do really well here or stop teasing us with these jacked-up tidbits. Uniqlo rocks, I don’t mind paying NY prices even though they’re more than in Japan. The UK also has many stores and their selection and prices are excellent. I don’t mind paying for their stuff, their items are made well–but there is a limit!