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Kim Kardashian making a public appearance at The Bay for an hour (and only an hour)

Kim Kardashian (Image: Eva Rinaldi)

Fans of Kim Kardashian—who became famous through a certain exhibition of her, um, bedroom antics—will get the opportunity to spend money to meet her on May 10 at The Bay on Queen Street from 4:30 to 5:30 p.m. (customers who spend $50 or more on items from her Belle Noel collection may get the opportunity to snap a photo and chat with her, time permitting). We really hope Kris Jenner, her “momager,” comes along—who wouldn’t want to get their copy of her literary world–shaking book signed?


    Have you seen her with out make up?

  • Shopper

    Who cares? This woman shouldn’t be given the time of day. Totally laughable that someone is required to buy her stuff just to have the “gift” of 5 seconds of her time. I feel sad for those who buy into this charade. The less attention we give her, the better.

  • nicole

    wow ,let’s see what can i ask a fame hungry amateur pornstar?
    will you do the world a favour and marry kanye so the world can be safe from the two biggest egos ever??does you mom carry bruce’s testes in her handbag?does you brother have a job?
    and finally,please go away .

  • cat


  • shorty_

    I love Kim Kardsahian. She is brilliant for turning her 15 Minutes of fame into a multi-million dollar empire. Who cares how she got her start, now she’s a major business mogul with a clothing line, multiple boutiques, a crazy modeling career, fragrances, television shows, novel etc. The list goes on. Those who refuse to acknowledge her as a talented business woman are just jealous of this intelligent opportunist. Enjoy your 9-5 guys.

  • yo’ mama

    @ by shorty_ …would that we all had Kris Jenner as momagers, so we could all be ‘brilliant’ and turn our 15 minutes of golden shower fame into an empire. :P Having said that, I still do enjoy watching Kim stumble through life on 6 inch heels. Her mom’s the ‘intelligent opportunist’; heck, she made off with a brilliant attorney’s bank account after their divorce (and subsequent death). I think YOU should enjoy your 9-5.

  • Sade wilder

    #teamkim# if you don’t love her than it obvious you hate her, the more attention y’all haters give her the better I love her and to be honest you do too that’s why your writing about her