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Sonic Boom moves out of the Annex (technically), but really, it’s only a block away

Moving this many of Sonic Boom’s records, even one block, is bound to be a hassle (Image: Jacob Stefan Senko)

News appeared on Twitter this afternoon that music retailer to the hipster crowd, Sonic Boom, is being evicted from its shop on the north side of Bloor and punted over to some space in Honest Ed’s. According to the city’s own website, that means it’s technically no longer inside the Annex. We can only imagine that the Annex crowd —the ones who congregate outside Lee’s Palace on any given night— were irritated by the news that a Dollarama is moving in. According to the Globe and Mail:

Sonic Boom owner Jeff Barber called it “incredibly infuriating and frustrating” that the record store, which has been at 512 Bloor St. West for 10 years, wasn’t given an opportunity to extend its lease.

He said his landlord informed him that the space will be used to house a Dollarama, which caused an enormous stir in the social media universe. Representatives from the dollar-store chain did not immediately return requests for comment.

Mr. Barber said having a chain store like that replace his independent business “added insult to injury.” He said he offered to match the new tenant’s rent or perhaps even purchase the building, but was not given the chance.

What with losing the Green Room, maybe bringing in Silver Snail, temporarily closing the Bloor Cinema and now this, it’s like the Annex is being assaulted by alien forces determined to undermine the shops and institutions that defined the neighbourhood for so long. And of course, this wouldn’t be complete without us speculating how long Honest Ed’s itself will be around before it gets closed down and turned into condos. With Dollarama moving in, not even the garish lights of the late Ed Mirvish are sacred—just ask Sam the Record Man.

Sonic Boom move shocks Annex [Globe and Mail]

  • Perry P

    This is quite upsetting, it’s always, always about money..

  • Mrd

    This is terrible news. Email the councilor about it:

  • LindoPhotography

    Spread the word and get people to boycot this Dollarama? That will teach em :)

  • BG011

    SUPER SONICE BUZZ KILL! Boo boo bee boo :.^(

  • BG011

    * SONIC oooooops

  • stella

    that is terrible news as I like this store for it’s originality and amazing music selection. You will bet that condo developers are leaning on officials take over the entire of bloor and bathurst to a point I would agree except for the Dollarama I ask you no condo owner wants to live near that. Secondly well Mirvish has had it’s time and personally I don’t shop there either as it is all rubbish and it is time for Honest Ed’s to go as it really is a dump. History or not it has outlived it’s usefullness really. I would rather see something better sitting on that corner like a Marshalls or Winners. It is too bad the Fresh restaurant had to go although it was a bit small I liked it. But I will agree Sonic Boom will be missed and if they reappear elsewhere us supporters will come back.

  • Mindi

    I was shocked to hear the news also but I also see some positivity in this change.

    The Dollarama store will bring in at least 20 employees at a opening retail position plus management and supervisor roles which means less unemployment in Toronto.

    Sonic Boom is moving to another location with bigger space, and will still provide the same music selection to its loyal customers.

  • smoke

    But, but, but… it was in Scott Pilgrim!