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The Hudson’s Bay Company announces its own buzzy Canadian collaboration

HBC speaks to the style leanings of a modern Grizzly Adams (Image: Hudson’s Bay Company)

Plenty of new collaborations have been announced lately, but here’s one we are really excited about. Coming this fall to The Bay’s Queen West flagship is a Klaxon Howl pop-up shop that will showcase designer Matt Robinson’s reimaginings of the iconic point blanket. After all, what goes better with a chambray shirt and workman denim than a nostalgia-fabric duffle-rucksack or a belted peacoat? See the pieces in the gallery below.

The Bay has really played its cards right, adding Klaxon Howl to a roster of menswear labels that speak to the young, contemporary gentleman: Band of Outsiders, Seconds by Robert Geller, Opening Ceremony, J Lindeberg and more. The Bay says this is merely the beginning of a long line of very exciting collaborations, but the who and when are being kept very hush-hush. Judging from recent acquisitions and high-profile stopovers, we’re confident the next big collaboration will not include Jay Manuel.

  • Jon

    The Bay is trying too hard to compete with Holts, The top executives are old merchants from Holts and you could see they are really envious by the Brand selection and the merchandising of Holts. I believe The Bay should start fixing there 92 other location before thinking they will become a destination for the fashion savvy in Canada….. When I buy Designer, I like to walk out with a Holt Renfrew bag .

  • G

    Jon, perhaps you should just ask the folks at Holts if you can purchase a bag, if that’s more important than the garment within.

    Of course they’re competing with Holts. They always have. Just now they’re getting better at it now. The changes always start with the flagship stores and drip down.

  • jambone

    The order of the photos in the gallery is hilarious.

    Photo 1: Who’s this pretty head of hair?;
    Photo 2: Come a little closer. Don’t worry, I won’t hurt you;
    Photo 3: BAM. Look at my face. Now look at my moustache. Back to my face.

  • Perry P

    I agree that there needs to be more high-end stores other than Holt Renfrew. The Bay is a great addition with many new designers that Holt Renfrew isn’t carrying. I am excited for Topshop/Topman.

  • lockjaw

    Holts does not carry the types of designers and brands the bay new men’s department does. it’s an impressive roster built for guys that don’t need to carry holts bag as any kind of affirmation. the roster of brands sound more like selfridges or like barneys.

  • thinkingbroad

    Have been loving the transformation at the Bay and loving the new lines. I still love Holts and there is no fear that the Bay is becoming Holts. But the Bay is pulling at the strings of this Holt’s shopper.

    Love the mustache man!

  • Ewan

    Topshop/Topman? High end?