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Yorkdale announces yet another make-over

Yorkdale's swank new food court (Image: JPRA Architects)

Yorkdale, the mall version of Bloor Street, is taking a cue from the ladies-who-lunch crowd and getting a facelift. It was announced today that the shopping centre will be undergoing a $220-million renovation, scheduled to be completed by late 2012. This is far from its first reno—in 2005, the complex underwent $110 million in changes, paving the way for a boom in such high end brands as Burberry and Michael Kors, and Toronto’s first Victoria’s Secret moving into the space. Here’s what you can expect when the construction is finished:

  • 145,000 square feet of new space for 40 more stores
  • A massive new food court in the former Eaton’s space, doubling the available seating
  • Reusable cutlery and dishes in the food court, planned to reduce waste by 85 per cent
  • An outdoor patio dining area for summer
  • A 65,000-square-foot green roof designed to reduce atmospheric heating
  • Nicer landscaping
  • A contribution to the Yorkdale Community Arts Centre
  • 800 more parking spaces with a new valet parking area

We’re already bracing for the effect of those new parking spots on traffic at Dufferin and the 401.

  • trish

    I think this is an awfully stupid idea. They closed the ENTIRE south side parking lot. As a part time employee who has a hard time finding parking already, this parking lot closure is going to make parking even more of a disaster than it already is.

  • Nic

    I hope they Are going to make it accessible for strollers and disabled clients from the ttc this is a disgrace. It absolutely needs this. The food court is very downmarket.

  • roma demeyere

    I hope that the new space has a decent place to eat. R

  • donna

    I don’t go to Yorkdale anymore because getting in and out of there is ridiculous.

  • brooklin99

    Hopefully, this involves some smart planning when it comes to exiting and entering off the 401 and the Allen expressway to Yorkdale’s parking lot. Its already a non-stop traffic nightmare!

    Yorkdale has needed a new food court for many years and some additional restaurants will be nice. I think that there is a good selection of retail which exists already. I’d like to see more of the U.S retailers coming into the new shopping space, not the same old same old stuff which other malls have.

  • handfed

    The reusable cutlery is a fantastic idea: If I’m paying over ten bucks for a meal, give me a ceramic plate and a proper fork!

  • dmz

    half those plates and forks will be stolen within a week.

  • precillia nicholas

    I’m soooo glad yorkdale is stepping up it’s game wen it comes 2 fashion. 4 ppl who travel they know dat canada is slow n we’re very limited wen it comes 2 clothes so i’m all 4 the new stoes. Eaton Centre has the reusable so it’s only rite dat u should have it. Forks n plates are a $1 at d $1 store so stealing them would b stupid. Can’t wait til u open the new side.