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Why Target is not coming to Canada…yet

The stuff budget-shopping dreams are made of (Image: Chris Gonzales)

Back in January, Target announced that it was looking into opening Canadian stores. We wrote a small post on The Goods at the time, and since then, it’s been inundated with comments from people across the country claiming that a Target store is opening in their town. According to an article in today’s Globe, they’re right. Well, half-right.

It turns out that a man named Isaac Benitah owns rights to the name in Canada and is opening “Target” stores in Sudbury, Nanaimo and Surrey in the next year. The U.S.-based Target, which we’re all familiar with, has taken Benitah to court several times, challenging his right to the trademark. Until they win (the newest case begins today), don’t expect to see the cheapo chain north of the border.

Target has a problem. Its name is Target [Globe and Mail]

  • Rob

    This is how rumours start………

  • zellers worker

    I think target should come to Canada …and take over zellers ..The worker at zeller is sick of the way the company doing things ,,, The customer service sucks at Zellers there are no people to help customer.. And if they want the company to keep going they need to let of the people from the top… There to many people at the top doing nothing but sitting on there ass…there are to many buyer for the company ,, I am sick of the way the conpany are doingh to there worker

  • no name

    Target IS coming to Canada.
    They will be opening in Toronto under the name Target Canada
    with a Maple leaf inside the white circle that’s inside the other outside circle.

    The other Target store is simply “the Target store” and may have to change their name when all is said and done because BOTH names can exist in Canada legally, but who would want to shop at the FAKE Target?

  • Nick W.

    Where’s your proof, no name? I want to believe that they are opening, but it sounds pretty fishy to me.

  • Nick W.

    Any one who wants to boycott Isaac Benitah’s stores, join my Facebook group BOYCOTT FAIRWEATHER INC!! (I know, named wrong, but I can’t change it, sadly).

    Join my cause and help Target come to Canada!

  • ???


  • Shannon N

    I worked for Zellers from 1995-2006. The “rumours” of a Target takeover had saturated the company since 2002. Employees were told for years these rumours were unfounded. We were forbidden to speak to members of the press who might have questioned these rumours.
    Target has been hiding behind the Zellers name for years. If one were to compare store layouts between U.S. Target and Zellers, one woould find striking similarities. Zellers changed its focus from hardline merchandise to fashion, much like Target, in order to compete with Wal-Mart. During my last year with the company, we were offloading cartons with pink Target shipping labels.
    Target has been around in Canada for years. The only thing that will change is the sign.

  • fellow zellers worker

    i work at zellers for almost 25 years,, i was so upset that now target is not considering zellers employees first,,, if hbc had been smart,,, the operative words,, had been smart was that like kmart when hbc had to take the employees with them.,.,. i like to know what excuse target is using to not take us… also those who work at zellers should ban everyone from going to the bay,,, they sold us up the creek for the almighty dollar,,, zellers was there bailed the bay out when they were down,,, i hope they go under…