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New York Times picks the “coolest” places in Toronto

Parkdale's in, Leslieville's out: Parts and Labour makes the list (Image: Jon Sufrin)

With the film festival mere weeks away, Toronto is the focus of a recent T Magazine style map, which names a dozen of the shops, restaurants and hotels that put the “‘Tdot’ on any style-setter’s radar.” Other than the fact that all of the businesses are south of Dupont and west of Jarvis, it’s a good list, with fantastic smaller boutiques, like Chasse Gardée and Fawn, earning mentions, as well as new fashiony foodie destinations Parts and Labour and Cinq 01. Former NYT favourite the Drake Hotel is notably absent; The Thompson and The Hazelton are its hotel picks. The full list, after the jump.

119 Corbo
Cinq 01
Holt Renfrew
The Room
Chasse Gardée
The Thompson Hotel
• Goodnight
I Miss You
Parts and Labour
• The Hazelton Hotel

Do you agree with the list? Let us know in the comments.

  • jones

    Goodnight is the best bar in the city. a bit pricey but amazing decor. Find if you can…

  • Jorge Martins

    where is Drake Hotel?? Newyorkers doesn’t know what they talkin’ about

  • Patrice Vanderlin

    Parts and Labour service and food is satisfactory….a bit too much hype and no delivery for my taste.
    Goodnight is a great bar…good pick..very pricey…but very nice!
    Thompson is good as well….but the service there is also satisfactory for the price tag!
    lets face it…everyone will prob be going to Brassai and Spicerout…ect..boring.

  • deadmouth

    Very glad Drake didnt make the list. But would like to have scene a couple smaller watering holes in the west end. Was at Goodnight last night and Dan Akroyd was there as was metric cast members. so cool. A bit expensive tho…

  • downtown

    Parts and labor- worst food for the hype…How does a no name bar like Goodnight make the list?

  • PD

    Finally got the reservation number to Goodnight. Was there a few nights ago and will definitely go back. Off the radar and very cool! Hazelton Hotel- great!

  • ep

    Made reso’s at Goodnigh! Amazing vibe, great decor and hidden , just what this city needed!

  • TS

    Cinq01 is consistently empty and overpriced. The Hazelton is full of prostitutes. Who at the times made the list?

  • Ann

    looking for a cool place for my birthday…where is
    Goodnigh! thx

  • Yyzgirl

    I beg to differ on goodnightbar’s prices – it’s about average $ for cocktails in TO and well worth the investment in terms of the underground scene. There’s really nothing quite like it in TO and it couldn’t be more comfortable and less affected!

  • suzannefoodie

    just had my birthday at a really cool new spot
    BLD resturant on adlelaide and toronto street , check it out
    cool and very comfortable inside , food was excellent , great spot!Music was awesome , service was genuine!

  • mobey

    Visited Goodnight! recently…well worth the it. Vibe reminded me of an underground wine cellar I visited in Paris in 2001….finding the location was just as intriging as in Paris. You’ll like it.

  • Kikiduke

    All of these locations are West of Jarvis…the coolest places to be these days are located along Queen St. East, East of River St. in the Riverside/Leslieville area…

  • OPL

    My only complaint about the article is that most if not all of the places chosen in this article are so cliche, that it could’ve easily been taken from Toronto Life’s Top XXXXXX list. It’s like best places to go in N.Y., Central Park, Times Square, SoHo, Chinatown, blah, blah, blah. Come on, there’s no creativity to it.