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Roots’ unintentionally un-PC sale

Poor Russia (Image:

The inevitable sales on Olympic merchandise have begun, and at Roots, not all countries are marked down. The store’s unofficial line for the Games is called the International Collection, which includes a selection of hoodies that represent different nations, such as China, the Netherlands, Norway, Russia, Jamaica, the U.S., Australia, France, Italy, Finland, Germany, South Korea and Canada.

Oddly, at the flagship store in the Eaton Centre yesterday, only the China, Russia and Norway hoodies were on sale (from $70 to $50), while the other hoodies were still regular price. On the Roots Web site, South Korea and Australia were also on sale for $50.

We’re assuming Roots is trying extra hard to get rid of the China, Russia and Norway hoodies because they weren’t selling as well as the other countries, leaving a surplus of Olympic-themed sweats in which interest dwindles with each passing day. Still, we feel kind of sorry for the countries that have been chucked into the clearance bin.