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The Find: A wearable tech device that you may actually want to wear

(Image: Kiwi Wearable Technologies/Facebook)

(Image: Kiwi Wearable Technologies/Facebook)

In the wearable-tech industry, the coolest gadgets don’t tend to be ones that you can sport without attracting stares (Google’s clunky bionic glasses, for example). The Kiwi Move may be the exception. The movement tracker from Toronto-based start-up Kiwi Wearable Technologies can do an impressive amount of stuff for something the size of a lapel pin. Like other tracking-style devices, it monitors sleep patterns, counts steps and calculates workout stats, but it’s also capable of much more—like automatically brewing coffee before you get out of bed, or turning down the thermostat whenever you leave the house. The gadget also recognizes speech and movement, which means it can identify a song with the wave of an arm, or calculate nutritional stats for a recipe that’s read out loud. And the best part? It’s so small you might forget you’re wearing it. $99. Available for preorder at