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The Thing: the least prissy scented candles ever

The Thing: March 2013

Who actually likes the smell of lavender, anyway? Scented candles, once the exclusive domain of frilly spas and tacky ex-girlfriends, are making a decidedly masculine comeback. The aromas are dark and earthy, with olfactory notes of sandalwood, tobacco, cognac and moss. Just don’t go looking for one of these bad boys in a store that specializes in bubble bath accessories—like lots of good grooming and decor products now, they’re found at high-end clothing stores and other purveyors of the super cool.

Number 1

Cire Trudon Balmoral, $85. Sydney’s, 682 Queen St. W., 416-603-3369.

Number 2

Izola Sandalwood, $29. Roots, multiple locations.

Number 3

Saturdays Surf NYC Santalum and Cedrus, $48. Jonathan and Olivia, 49 Ossington Ave., 416-849-5956.

Number 4

Le Labo Calone 17, $82. Jonathan and Olivia, 49 Ossington Ave., 416-849-5956.

  • tONY p

    go tell the homeless guy on the corner that you are telling people to go and spend 85$ on a candle

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  • not for sale

    I completely agree Tony. “After spending $80+ on candles lets go rinse our driveways with spring-water and debate the value of that piece of tenderloin I just spit out.” this is what the 10% will be up to in 5 years time. These people need to get out more. or when they do go out they need to open their bloody eyes