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The Find: 10 winter coats that are every bit as stylish as they are warm

There’s no way around it: winter is coming, which means it’s time to stop browsing and make a decision about which winter coat to invest in this year. Here are our picks for the season’s top cold-weather toppers for men and women, each of which will help you stay cozy without sacrificing style.

Our favourite 10 coats and where to buy them »


  • Zoltar

    That two-tone Robert Geller coat for men is AWEFUL. I would not wear that if he paid me! YIKES

  • betsey

    Seriously, are you talking about Toronto winter? If so, almost none of these jackets will be remotely warm enough, and only two of them are stylish. BLECH this is a terrible post.

  • Gigi

    “Warm and Stylish” who are you trying to kid! None of these “coats” are remotely warm. And calling them stylish is highly questionable! Better luck next time TL, you’re way off the mark this time.

  • Jessi

    How about those of us who have a profession that is not “blogger”? Something stylish and professional at the same time, perhaps?

  • CdnSyrup

    brrrr. those don’t look warm!