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The Find: a classy moustache grooming kit to ensure a dapper Movember

All that lip fuzz sprouting in honour of Movember is now six days old, which means it’s likely long enough to look a little scraggly. While growing a ’stache for charity is a cool thing to do, sporting unkempt and unbecoming facial hair is decidedly not. Luckily, we have a solution: this complete grooming kit from Stern Bremen. It contains sharp scissors for trimming (be sure to keep your moustache level with your top lip line or just above it); a brush and comb for untangling and taming; and moustache wax to cultivate that sleek, shapely look. The only thing left to do is to decide whether to go for a chevron, a toothbrush or a fu manchu. $75 (US). Click to buy »