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The Find: a silk-covered notebook that reminds us why rocks are cool

It’s been some time since we plunked ourselves down in homeroom, but we can’t shake the feeling that September should begin with brand-new school supplies. However, we’ve upgraded from Hilroy notebooks and Bic pens—instead, we’re after this hand-stitched journal covered in silk printed with Richard Weston’s ultra-magnified images of minerals, fossils and stones. Last year, Weston, a professor of architecture at Cardiff University, became an unlikely design star after teaming up with the iconic London department store Liberty to produce a much-lauded scarf collection. The journals came along more recently, and their flat surfaces actually do a better job of showing how Weston turns geological patterns into abstract works of art. In this image, for instance, his scanner captured how light refracts through a calcite crystal, resulting in rich oranges and yellows—which happen to be perfect for fall. $57. Click to buy »