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The Bay’s Team Canada Olympics collection includes a teddy bear, a flag and an adorable onesie

2012 Team Canada Olympics gear (Image: B Insider)

The 2012 Olympic Games begin tomorrow, which means that in addition to being bombarded with a lot of McDonald’s advertising, there will be a lot of barbecues and parties requiring guests to wear patriotic swag. While maple leaf-emblazoned shirts and jogging shorts may not make it into the permanent rotation, for the next 17 days, The Bay’s Team Canada garb will likely become a de facto uniform for some. And, though wearing so much red and white may seem daunting, The Bay’s Olympic team collection includes several pieces that will actually look good after the Olympics. (So, the opposite of this.)

  • linda black

    Once again you, The Bay, have missed the mark .. give it back to ROOTS who made us proud .. We look like back woods hicks …No splash, no punch ,no style… how sad !!! The Bay is a dying company , if you haven’t heard , and so is their style and those they employ to come up with these questionable outfits ..

  • Yeffrey

    I’m sorry. With a budget like The Bay has, you’d think they’d arrange for some better looking models.

  • Carli

    I happen to think the models are extremely good looking.

  • Daniella

    I’m digging that jean jacket. I hope it comes in women’s sizes! And that bear will be an adorable gift for my nephew. I think the Bay did a great job on this line.

  • Gravy Train

    that girl must be from winnipeg. prettiest girls come from winnipeg.

  • Norac

    The clothes are ok. The Bay hit the mark using attractive, believable models. REAL people! Not those typical,too perfect magazine models…

  • marisa

    The models= OW OW

  • sarah

    i think the BLOND IS A BABE!!!

  • re-electrobford?areyoumad

    i wonder what olympic sports the 2 ‘models’ compete in…oh let me guess…team disinterest and beard growing…perfect outfits then….i’m glad we put our best out there for the world to see-it should promote canadian tourism…

  • horizoncarrie

    Hipsters rejoice

  • livefastdieyoung

    C’mon guys. They are trying to build a brand. And failing. The Bay needs to wake up. Also, who cares if the “models” are boring? Its the clothes we should be looking at. And the clothes are just as boring. Overall…. zzzzzzzzzzzz.

  • pz

    are you seriously complaining about the MODELS? WTF?

  • danni

    Not impressed on this year’s olympic fashion. Kinda blah! I mean, there’s really nothing special about it, and it’s almost like The Bay slapped some logos and Canadian flags on your average, run of the mill sweats and jacked up the price 500%

  • peachy

    awful, cheap tawdry crap

  • soupdejour

    Butt ugly uniforms, almost as bad as the patterned karate pants from the last summer olympics. Give the job back to Roots. They had style, so much so that they not only did the uniforms for Canada, they did the USA’s and Great Britain’s too.

  • Jessica

    The denim jacket is horrible and the rest is very been-done…

  • glenda

    These uniforms are horrible. The Bay is a great retailer of fashion but it is not a good DESIGNER of fashion. There is so much talent in Canada and it’s a shame that this is the best we forward on the world stage.

  • Jeramie Herrington

    As many of you know Canada has a very distinctive history behind it… We are a country that is full of determination, dedication and pride. The clothling may not be explosive or vibrant but our country does show our explosivness through our character and I believe the line reflects every aspect of that. It promote that laid back but distinctive champion look.

    As for the model who the fuck cares who we use for models, if “Tourists” don’t want to our country because we have bearded people they need a huge reality check… Our country is full of diversity and culture. These models display the REALNESS to our country.

    Go Canada

  • Actually…no.

    I never comment on these stories, and usually find the comments sections so infuriating and stupid that every time I read them I immediately regret doing so. I just have to say though, to the people saying that Roots should o the uniforms again, you’re bananas. Yeah, CLEARLY what we need is more polar fleece, overly stylized tacky graphics and ridiculous, embarrassing kangol-esque hats. The last time I somehow found myself in a Roots store, their try-hard desperation, unoriginal ideas, and overall out of touch meh-ness made it a really short visit.
    Looking …good…Elvis. Looking…really..errr…something…

    These clothes at least look unembarassing enough that stylish people I know who wouldn’t be caught dead usually in showy patrioc garb would wear them, and have a laid back effortless cool that olymic/patriotic clothing very rarely hits the mark on. Pus, as people have pointed out, the models are, most definitely, babes.

  • cathie

    I needed a gift to send to someone who lives in China. Upon inspecting several of these items, guess where they’re made? Yup, China!.

  • Lola

    These clothes are boring and hideous, and curiously reminiscient of some of the stuff Roots put out in the early 80′s.