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Holiday Gift Guide 2011: 21 execu-gifts for working girls and business bros

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Holiday Gift Guide 2011

By Fraser Abe, Karolyne Ellacott, Kevin Naulls and Mark Teo | Photography by Carlo Mendoza

Any aspiring Tess McGills or Gordon Gekkos would be pleased to get any gift on our list for the Bay Street broker. There aren’t any miniaturized rock gardens, stress balls or Tiffany lamps because, let’s face it, we can do better than that. We’ve found a beautiful humidor to hold post-meeting cigars, a phonograph-shaped iPhone-docking system for when that Patrick Bateman–esque Walkman finally conks out, and a whisky decanter for when, um, the market crashes (or to celebrate—it’s up to him or her). Check out 21 amazing gifts for the executive on your list »