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H&M announces some rules for purchasing from the upcoming Versace collaboration

The word is out: Versace’s collaboration with H&M is hitting shelves in Toronto on Saturday, November 19 at the Toronto Eaton Centre, Yorkdale and Bloor Street locations. The rules will be the same as they were for Lanvin, with 20-person groups shopping at a time (so, arrive early) and a limit of two of each item per person (to deter the jerks who just turn around and sell things on eBay). We checked out the collection today, and it is a little loud—Donatella Versace has made men’s pants with alligators all over them, jackets with palm tree–print sleeves in neon, a vibrant leopard-print skirt with an image of what appears to be a sunset on the derriere (“Look here,” is what it says), chunky golden jewellery with plated animal-head bobbles, and some metal stud dresses that look like sequin, but feel like a ton of bricks (yet, despite the weight, it does seem better made than some past H&M efforts). Check out some of the great pieces—and some that are too flashy for us—after the jump.

It was loud, sure, but we could see a lot of young women loving some of the colourful nature-inspired prints, the shoes, the studded party dresses and the leather jackets. For men, we saw a great pair of alligator print–lined Velcro-strap sneakers (we’re told they were a hit among celebrities at last night’s runway show in New York), and we really dug a three-quarter-length jacket that was made of wool with leather sleeves. One thing was certain about the collection as a whole: the ’90s have returned, again (albeit in Versace’s own, typically overdone fashion).